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Welcome to Catalyst Barber Co.

Catalyst Barber Company offers an unparalleled experience for new and returning clientele. A Catalyst is a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, and energetic. This is the embodiment of what we represent in this company. This is an experience, your experience, welcome to the Catalyst.


Meet our team

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." --Phil Jackson

The Barbers at Catalyst Barber Company are the backbone and the driving force behind re-establishing what it is to be a Professional Barber. In an industry that has lost much of its reverence they are inviting, diligent, and adept. They embody everything it means to be a true catalyst and most of all, a true professional.

Les Washington

Owner/Professional Barber

Les Washington has been proudly providing quality professional services here in Kansas City, Missouri now since 2012. Born and raised here in this amazing city, he found his calling at the age of 15 when he gave his first haircut to a friend in the garage. Not knowing at the time, after watching a youtube haircut tutorial, that as the years passed he would grow a passionate flame for this age old art. In 2019 he decided to take his career to the next level and open Catalyst Barber Co. This profession has helped him grow to be the enthusiastic, driven, and courageous man that he is today; also giving him the opportunity to empower, uplift, and help people feel great about themselves. 

Brianna Wellman

Professional Barber & Cosmetologist

Brianna Wellman  has been doing exclusively men's hair since 2016. Originally in college for radiologic technology, this young driven woman decided to direct her career towards creativity by honing in her artistic abilities to make anyone look and feel fantastic. She has a true passion for helping others which helps her to remain determined in this male-dominated industry. She's very excited to work alongside the other amazing barbers on our team, and as iron sharpens iron, she is quickly making a name for herself. Schedule with her today and see why even the Vice President of Operations at Arrowhead calls her his stylist!

Major Finley

Apprentice Barber

 Originally from Pontiac, Michigan Major moved to Kansas City as a youth and became heavily involved in team sports; quickly becoming the all time 3 point scorer for his high school basketball team. So it is safe to say he is no stranger to remaining determined, tackling challenges, and chasing growth. After earning a college scholarship for basketball, he found himself experimenting with cutting his team mates' hair prior to games and others during the regular school week. Always enjoying the shop atmosphere and getting a fresh cut, Major decided to continue to pursue haircutting and returning to others the same enjoyment that he experienced. Deciding to take his skills to the next level, he contacted Catalyst Barber Co. about an apprenticeship opportunity and the rest is history! Keep your eye out for this kid, for whatever he gets into he aims to be the best. 

Kelvin Neris

Professional Barber

Yeeeerrrrrrrrrrr, meet Kelvin Neris! This New York native is no stranger to the game. He's a second generation barber inspired by his grandfather and his iron will to succeed. Kelvin went from cutting his brothers hair in a kitchen to the cutting floor at the Catalyst Barber Co. He might be an up and comer, but don't be fooled, Kelvin is fearless, confident, and obsessed with this industry. The owners at his barber college noticed this quite early on and even offered him to become an instructor himself once he completed his program! So between teaching new barbers what it takes to accelerate their careers and reaching the next checkpoint in their success, you can catch him getting clients right at Catalyst.  If you ever have the opportunity to sit down in his chair, you will most-definitely not regret it. 

Tevon Taylor

Professional Barber

Born and raised here in Kansas City, Tevon Taylor has been cutting hair  for 3-4 years now but has been spreading cheer for a lifetime,  branding himself as an upbeat and genuinely enthusiastic individual. Originally a class clown and athlete, he tore his ACL his sophomore year of high school. This event lead him to searching out something else he could find passion in, soon after turning to barbering. "Look good, feel good," is one of Tevon's quintessential sayings, and from this he derives a driven attitude that feeds his soul. Choosing the beauty of being able to be involved in a profession that still allows for him to remain himself. Delivering fresh fades,  drawing bright smiles, and good laughs; Tevon is your guy!

Isaac Herman

Professional Barber

  Isaac has always been a highly dedicated, determined, and attentive person. Whatever it is that he pursues he does so diligently until reaching a point of mastery. Isaac realized  how much he enjoyed the process of getting a good haircut and decided to undertake the challenge of implementing one himself; getting some of his longtime friends to let him practice his newfound craft on them. Also being aware of the level of flexibility that being a barber could bring, leaving him time to tackle other things in which he takes interest. Eventually deciding to go to barber college shortly after high school, and then once graduated, stepping onto the cutting floor at Catalyst Barber Co. You can catch him skateboarding, playing guitar, or laying in his tattoo artists chair in his spare time. If you catch him in the shop, just know you'll get one of the best services you've ever had!

Ike Kinard

Professional Barber

"Get right with Ike!"  The newest member of the Catalyst Team, Ike Kinard was raised in Liberty, MO.  Ike has had the desire to be a barber since the age of 15. It was then that he realized he always had to go to a neighboring city to get a good haircut. His hometown lacked that safe haven where men can talk, laugh, and debate about sports. (Ike is obsessed with sports being a huge Georgia fan since childhood.) So he was inspired to fill that void and take on the profession of barbering to provide a service and environment that he was looking for in his hometown.  Ike is charismatic, affable, and an all around authentic person. You will always enjoy your time when Ike is in the room, and you'll enjoy your service even more.


What our customers write about us

Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. You can feel how passionate and they are about excellence. I am beyond satisfied with my haircut and overall experience.

Nina Brown



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